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“We did it! We made history!” read the caption from the video posted Thursday. “We successfully landed and generated an A-10 Thunderbold II from a...

Hermeus Corporation hopes to build the first reusable hypersonic aircraft.

Boeing demonstrated its unmanned MQ-25 tanker could take commands from pilots midair and deviate from preplanned missions, in the first manned-unmanned teaming test for the...

The AGM-183A program still needs to complete booster and all-up round flight testing before the Air Force will approve production of the new hypersonic weapon.

The approved items include “engineering, technical and logistics support services” for the warplanes, in addition to training equipment, targeting upgrades and mission-planning enhancements.

It's taking longer than expected for the Boeing-made helicopter to move through FAA airworthiness testing.

More than 40 physiological episodes have occurred in the F-35. Congress wants to know why.

The German air force recently completed flight tests for its newest air-to-air missile, the Meteor, and have deemed the weapon ready for use aboard the...

Wagner would become responsible for managing personnel issues for nearly 700,000 military and civilian employees.

If the program goes as planned, Britain could have their first zero-carbon platform flying by around 2027.

The KC-46 will be permitted to use its centerline drogue system to refuel aircraft for U.S. Transportation Command.

The Senate Armed Services Committee's version of the FY22 defense policy bill would guardrails on the number of fighters, C-130s and B-1s the Air Force...

The $740 billion defense authorization bill proposal received bipartisan support in the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The Air Force plans to drop from 60 to 56 MQ-9 Reaper combat lines in fiscal 2022 as the U.S. military decreases its presence in...

Andrew Hunter is known in Washington as a low-key professional and true expert on defense acquisition.

The F-35 program currently has 857 deficiencies, but only seven are considered "critical."

Lt. Gen. Mike Minihan would earn a promotion to four-star general and replace Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost.

Congress needs to sign off on the Hercules retirements first.

A US helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing on a busy boulevard in the Charles de Gaulle Square in northern Bucharest on Thursday...

The 67th Cyberspace Wing is sending its personnel to commercial software factories to develop code and software for operational missions.

A Japan Air Self-Defense Force F-35A fighter jet has gone missing off the coast of northern Japan, with a search mission now underway.

Under the deal, the first prototype of the TF-X and an unknown number of initial batches would be powered by the F110 engine.

Recent inspections revealed a new problem with F-35s with high flight hours.

Around 80 percent of F-35 jets have been cleared of an issue that grounded the fleet last week.

US to Supply More F-35s to Israel to Offset S-300 Systems in Syria – Report  Sputnik International'No chance!' Israeli minister TAUNTS Putin by saying Russian missiles...